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All items produced at Drumcliffe Farm are ready for purchase at our stand year-round including raw fleece, sheep hides, yarn and other wool products, lamb cuts, eggs, fryers, and seasonal produce. Though one of us will be around most of the time, the farm stand is set up to be self-service on the honor system. On your visit to the farm stand you’ll find an updated price list, scales, a cash box, products for sale, and a ledger to record your purchase. If you are more comfortable with assistance from one of us, please call ahead and we’ll be ready to help you when you arrive.

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We sell eggs at the historic Gresham Farmers Market during the season and at our farm stand, year-round.
  • Farm gate sales: $4.00 doz.
  • Market sales: $5.00 doz.
We run two flocks of laying hens to keep a steady supply of farm fresh eggs for our customers. The wheeled chicken coops and portable fences allow us to easily move them around the sheep pastures. This benefits the health of the pastures, the health of the chickens, and the quality of the eggs. One of the flocks spends its winter in the farm’s vegetable plot. Here they enjoy picking and scratching through the remains of last season’s crop. We also open the compost bins for their dining pleasure.

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In addition to the laying flocks, we raise pasture based meat birds. They are traditionally referred to as either broilers or fryers. We make sure that they spend a majority of their time on fresh grass with plenty exposure to fresh air, tasty bugs, and sunlight. We feed them ORGANIC chicken feed. In fact, their food and water are presented to them outside their shelter, which means they get the exercise that, we believe, results in higher quality meat. We butcher and process the birds right here on the farm in order to ensure a clean healthy product for our customers. We sell these whole, butchered chickens at our farm stand here on the farm.


Our rich, well-drained soil and south-facing aspect provides us an opportunity for a very productive vegetable plot. While some harvested products will be ready for purchase, we encourage customers to visit the farm and harvest their own more perishable vegetables, like the greens and tomatoes. We sell whatever is in season direct from our farm stand including:
  • beans
  • carrots
  • parsnips
  • tomatoes
  • garlic
  • onions
  • potatoes
  • kale
  • chard
  • lettuce
  • collards
  • squash
  • peppers
  • herbs

Jeff & Jan Jaqua
52203 E. Terra Fern Drive
Sandy, Oregon 97055

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at the historic
Gresham Farmers Market during the season and at our farm stand, year-round where we sell; lamb, eggs, ram skulls, hides, wool/fleece, and farm fresh produce