Shearing is one of those events in our farm-based life cycle that we can honestly celebrate with friends and family.  Like lambing, the first hard frost, the greening of the pastures, harvest of the garden, weaning of the lambs – shearing is an event on our calendar just as important as a New Years Day, birthdays, or the spring equinox is in other’s calendars.  But as opposed to other events on the farm, shearing is the one event that can be scheduled.  So thus, shearing on Drumcliffe Farm is a celebration we have shared with our community.  We define community as widely as you can imagine – friends, family, neighbors, customers, fellow sheep farmers, the interested, and the curious.  Our community is important to us and always will be.  You joined us in the barn wrangling sheep, giving shots, trimming hooves, skirting and bagging fleece, and gathered for a final group photo.  Then you joined us in our home where you shared the food you brought to our table.

So to our community that join us, and to those that cannot join us but have supported us at other times, either with a helping hand or with good thoughts, thank you, THANK YOU!

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